Why Synology?

It’s no secret that I am an avid Synology user. Having purchased 4 devices for my previous employer years ago to buying 4 at my current one. We utilize our Synology devices the best way possible; Cheap Sustainable Storage

So why Synology? Well it is simple to admit that Synology just does it right. But before we get into this unsponsored review article, lets look at some of the company history. Synology Inc. was founded in January 2000 when Cheen Liao and Philip Wong left Microsoft to pursue an independent project. Liao was a development a manger in the Microsoft Exchange Server Group, while Wong was a Sales Director for Microsoft in Taiwan. The two began to write a new operating system called Filer OS based on BSD which was to be used with Fastora NAS hardware to create a NAS solution. To integrate their NAS software tightly with hardware, Synology released its first complete solution in 2004, the DiskStation DS-101. Since then Synology has grown to about 650 employees worldwide.

My first Synology device was the DS1812. This was an 8 bay desktop model built in 2012. I remember buying this shortly before my son was born and it lasted until last year (2021) when I decided to upgrade to a DS1621+. I subsequently sold my older NAS on the used market and it still lives and is serving strong to this day.

I have also recommended Synology to any friends and family who are looking for storage devices. Heck my technically inept parents have a simple 1 bay Synology sitting on their network for their 2 IP Cameras and subsequently Synology’s own backup software HyperBackup is being used to replicate my parents backups to my device across the city.

Why did I chose Synology for work? Well that’s simple. I needed quick network file storage that was reliable. So having a proper NAS device using cheap WD Red Pro drives was a great option. But then we needed one on premise and another at the datacenter.

Having 2 devices allowed for my organization to utilize the other as a backup solution as well for off-premise backups. The first Synology on site meant local backups, then I ran backups to sync those to one another.

These are great, for a business there is nothing better than picking up a RS or DS with multiple drives setup using Synology’s own SHR (Hybrid Raid) and having that RAID level redundancy but having backups so easily and cheaply available.

Need help evaluating Synology? You can reach out to me through the contact form to get some first hand expertise and knowledge in setting up your Synology or having an expert consult with the proper tools and stack required for your workload. A NAS is a great tool for any business, big or small. These won’t run VMs in a production environment but they are great cost-effective devices. They have faster flash devices as well which could be used for production workloads, but I have not tested those nor can recommend them as if you are getting into SSD/NVMe storage, you might be better off with things such as a Dell Unity XT or other enterprise ready solutions. Either way, you can reach out for expert consultation on your requirements and allow me to come up with a proper solution for you!

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